Renegade Moto SX4 19L



Octane – R+M/2 95
Motor Octane 87
Research Octane 103
Specific Gravity 0.740
RVP 6.75
Unleaded Yes
Stoich Ratio 13.89 : 1
Oxygen 3.7%
Color Clear

Typical Octane Value

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Renegade Moto SX4 is best four-stroke fuel for mortal budgets. Renegade Moto SX4 is specifically designed for today’s sophisticated, high-reving single and multi-cylinder four-stroke engines. Renegade Moto SX4 is formulated with today’s most advanced, fast burning blend components and high quality oxygenates, Renegade SX4’s real-world performance reviews speak for themselves. Extensive testing enabled Renegade to create a fuel that not only makes huge power on the dyno, but also delivers incredible performance on the track where it counts. Renegade SX4 simply delivers better throttle response, while a blend of proprietary additives inhibits gumming and swelling of rubber components. Renegade Moto SX4 works great in today’s modern sport bikes and has shown up to 6% power increases over comparable fuels on the market.

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Weight 19 kg

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