RACE GAS Regular Diesel Racing Fuel Concentrate 946ml


Race Gas Diesel Concentrate: Use with regular pump fuel to give track-grade racing fuel.



Race Gas Diesel Performance Plus is the only fuel additive on the market designed specifically for diesel and bio-diesel performance. This concentrate raises the Cetane level by full 14 numbers, increasing throttle response and oxygen content for a more efficient burn, and lubricates fuel system components and cylinder walls. Race Gas also adds a detergent package that keeps injectors and valves clean. Start with a single can. Make high energy, high octane Diesel fuel when and where you need it. Raises the Cetane level by 14 numbers from Diesel Pump Fuel.

Real Racing Fuel

When blended to the proper ratio, RACE GAS can take your ordinary pump gasoline and transform it into high cetane, high energy, track grade racing fuel. RACE GAS will keep you from ever running out of racing fuel.

Designed By Racers

RACE GAS wasn’t created by some gigantic super company. It was created by gear heads and weekend racers just like you. Real Power knows the importance of high quality racing fuel.

Tested Performance

Unlike some other additives, RACE GAS has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories, prominent engine builders, and performance tuners.

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