Motorsport KR2T 1L


Competition 2 Stroke Engine Oil

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Features and Benefits

• Unique formulation improves sealing of the bores for increased power and torque
• Burns cleanly for improved throttle response
• Maximum lubricity for reduced wear
• Prevents sticking throttle
• Eliminates crank case deposits, making engine rebuilds easier
• Suitable for all high performance air/ water cooled 2 stroke engines
• Can be used in outboard engines not requiring ashless oils
• Dyed blue for easy confirmation fuel has been treated

KR2T is a unique SAE 40 formulation,
2-stroke oil with a high performance/low ash profile.
Specifically developed for high revving 2 stroke engines
Also Suitable for motorbikes, karts and all other 2 stroke applications
By mixing with petrol in the ratio recommended by the engine manufacturer, for use where maximum performance is required. (Typically, between 40:1 and 50:1 should give best results).

For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.

Product data sheet

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