LUCAS Synthetic Engine Motor Oil SAE 5W50 1 Quart 946ml


Lucas Synthetic SAE 5W-50 is full synthetic formulation blended with performance additives to provide wear and oxidation protection under severe operating conditions.

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Lucas high-performance synthetic oil provides the consistent viscosity needed for today’s high-tech engines. It’s blended with an exclusive additive package which includes lubricity and anti-seize agents that control drag like a zero weight oil—and protects metal like a heavy multi-viscosity oil. It’s excellent for normal highway usage. Choose the oil weight recommended for your application.

Key Benefits

  • Resists deposit formation,including supercharged and turbocharged applications.
  • Provides quick flow to engine parts during start-up.
  • Lubricates effectively over a wide temperature range.

Recommended for use in the Ford GT 350, Shelby GT500, Boss 302, Modern Hemi and LS engines utilizing power adders and overhead cams.


Additional information

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