Hi-Mol 20 500g


Millers Oils Hi-Mol 20 Specialist Competition Grease

Millers Oils Hi-Mol 20 is a specialised competition grease based on lithium soap and 20% molybdenum disulphide.

Use as received, ideal for constant velocity joints and highly loaded sliding spline drive shafts.

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  • Very high molybdenum content versus normal black greases
  • Proven in competition over many seasons
  • Ideal for highly loaded constant velocity (CV) joints in motorsport applications
  • Eliminates sliding spline binding under high acceleration loads
  • The high molybdenum disulphide content provides a high load carrying capability making the product suitable for other high load applications

Technical Information:

NGLI Grade: 2
Solids Content: 20%

Product data sheet

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