Diesel Injector Cleaner 250ml


A fuel treatment that contains a cleaning agent developed to remove deposits from diesel fuel injection systems. When added to the fuel it will remove carbon build-up that can reduce the performance of the vehicle. Ideal for use as a pre-MOT test clean-up treatment.

1 x 250ml bottle treats: 50 Litres (1 x 50L tank) of diesel fuel.

Add to fuel tank prior to refuelling.

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  • Provides one-shot treatment enabling a one-time treatment resolution.
  • The cleaning agents will restore the injector spray pattern, which will help get back any lost power or acceleration resulting in an improved driving experience.
  • Reduces exhaust gases, which aid in MOT emissions testing.
  • Cleaning the fuel injection system will enhance the efficiency of the engine, which in turn will increase MPG.
  • Emission control equipment (catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters) are unaffected by the treatment.
  • Fully compatible with all types of diesel fuel.

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